About Mistress Nikki Whiplash and WhiplashClips.com

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Welcome to WhiplashClips.com - an archive repository for so many of My terrific, older fetish clips. I am Nikki Whiplash and I have been creating facesitting and mixed wrestling clips for decades now. I have this site broken down into different categories for you - there are smother videos where all the action is Female over male victims and I also have facesitting clips which feature only Female Dominant sitting on top of female submissive. Some of the mixed wrestling can be either the more typical combat sports type or even in a tub filled with oil for all that slippery fun. Whichever kinds of fetish videos you prefer, rest assured I have them. Hundreds of them! Take a look around and see if I have something you might like - you'll be glad you did!


WhiplashClips is unlike any member area you have seen before so we're happy to explain it to you. Here's the way it works - there IS no member area for WhiplashClips.com! Everyone can see what we have to offer at any time - you don't have to guess what is behind the curtain before you decide to become a member, it's all outside for everyone to get an exact idea. The difference is, when you become a monthly recurring member for WhiplashClips.com you get DOUBLE the value of what typical clips would cost. For example, our $19.87 monthly subscription cost allows you to download $40 worth of clips every month. And unlike normal memberships, you NEVER lose this credit. If you don't see anything next month that you like, you can store up your $40 credit and use it next month after we've added even more videos. OR...and here is where we are REALLY different...

WhiplashClips is more than just one website - is it important that you know I have partnered with a network of like-minded fetish sites so that you have a vast, gigantic assortment of clips to choose from. When you join My website, you also have access to purchase at reduced prices from other sites as well. There are several Female Domination sites to check out, with lots and lots of FACESITTING, TRAMPLING, FOOT DOMINATION and MORE! You can use the credit from My site on any of the sites I am affiliated with, which means you will never run out of clips available to purchase at these reduced prices. Also, I pride myself on customer service so any time you need anything at all, you just email and I'll get right on it - My members are important!

With more coming online next month and they will keep on growing, we guarantee it. There has never been a better way to satisfy your fetish for seeing beautiful women use a man's face as their personal seat. Or even a woman's face if that's what you like - we have plenty of that as well. Come join us today and become a part of the revolution. You'll be glad you did!